AndLights is the first Belgium company which brings air light shows at your events. This technical achievement will revolutionize the entertainment industry in the coming years. Using drones to extend beyond the border of regular events and using the sky as your canvas. The sky is not the limit anymore. AndLights can reach it and create stunning aerial displays.


We have all-round in-house experience and knowledge about drones, software and safety


We love to push the boundries of what is possible with technology


Don’t be ordinary. Be extraordinary!

Firework 2.0
Ever looked at fireworks and wondered if it can get improved? We did and present you firework 2.0. It doesn’t matter if it is for new year’s eve, 4th of July, Christmas, summer. We got you covered. This environmentally friendly and safe alternative will amaze the crowd. Here we combine a light spectacle with
music, giving a visual and auditory experience. Using our pinpoint accurate position of drones we can show text, moving images, mesmerizing visuals and hypnotic performances. No display will ever be the same.

Festivals are all about creating a show. A show that starts on the podium and reaches as far as possible. The stage lights can only go so far. We can extend your canvas into the sky and let you impress your crowd with lights beyond the stage. The lights in the air will create a spectacle just like the lights on
the ground, but even more they can wow the crowd by forming lyrics, announce the artist with his logo and/or show the festivals logo high in the sky.



Evening shows
The flexibility of the system makes this technology extremely convenient for evening shows. Whether this is a continuous 4 hour long display or a full 20 minute entertainment show this will grab peoples attention. Narrate your story with the help of the night sky or fascinate your audience with inspiring abstract
patterns. Introduce the air light show as the main selling point of your evening show or support your existing show. Anything is possible.

Corporate events
An air light show will make an everlasting impression on your corporate event. It will entertain your audience with a spectacular show, thanking them for everything they have done. Meanwhile, nobody will doubt about how innovative your company is. As bonus the logo of the business will get shown high in the sky. Probably bigger than ever before.